iLight Integrative Services in Fort St. John

iLight Integrative Services

8916 107A Ave, Fort St. John, BC

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  • Mind opening personal development workshops
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  • Dynamic energy work

Meet Tracey Malanowich

Tracey Malanowich is the owner of iLight Integrative Services

Tracey started iLight Integrative Services in 2015 so she could really begin to teach people the truth about life, their thoughts and how everything that comes to them is a match to the energy they radiate. Tracey loves offering her supportive and healing services in Fort St. John because she can connect with her clients and see people grow. She loves her community because it is dynamic and changing. “There’s a great energy here,” said Tracey, “people are friendly and open.”

As an entrepreneur she can customize the programs and services she offers so her clients are best served. When she’s not busy with her businesses (Integrative Services and Walt’s), she enjoys learning, travel, gardening, cooking, meditating and spending time with family and friends.

She’s excited about the future of small businesses in Fort St. John. “Every time I turn around there is something new and exciting happening.” Tracey especially likes Walt’s Automotive Repair, The Sacred Garden Healing & Wellness Center and Central Emporium.

Transformational. Supportive. Inspiring.

Tracey is a Master Reiki practitioner and Coach with a background in office management and human resources as well as a myriad of life experiences that makes her compassionate and open. Tracey’s goal is to teach others the beauty of life being lived through us. Through her business, iLight Integrative Services, Tracey provides business and personal coaching, empowering healing and synchronized intuitive Reiki, energy balancing, past life exploration, chakra clearing and balancing. The energy always guides the sessions.

Tracey also leads transformational workshops such as Infinite Possibilities – Law of Attraction, Gratitude (Celebrating What’s Right), Forgiveness and customized inspirational talks. Her healing and personal development workshops are led with experience and a gentle touch.

ILight Integrative Services wants clients to leave empowered, lightened and supported. “I believe we change the world as we work on ourselves and that all life and living is created from the energy within us,” said Tracey, “I also believe we have choices and once we understand the amazing power of our mind we can begin to create rather than fall into the circumstances of our lives.”

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  • 8916 107A Ave
  • Fort St. John, BC
  • V1J 5Z1, Canada

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